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New Twisted Limb Paper Website Offers Improved Look and Usability
Bloomington , IN
Wednesday, October 19, 2011
Visit our website for beautifully crafted 100% recycled, handmade paper.
Visit our website for beautifully crafted 100% recycled, handmade paper.
Twisted Limb Paperworks, maker of 100% recycled handmade paper, invitations, and greeting cards since 1998 celebrates the launch of their redesigned website on September 16th. The new site features improved usability and a clean, fresh look. Created by Bloomington-owned marketing firm, MediaWorks, the website is a response to a customer survey done in the spring, where Twisted Limb heard from their customers what they looked for in a business website. Twisted Limb listened, and with the help of MediaWorks, created a new site to meet those needs. Some new things you'll see on the site are:

• Frequent updates from the Twisted Limb studio

• An improved shopping cart feature to make the shopping experience easier and more complete

• Enhanced usability, so the site is easier to navigate

• A forum feature so that Twisted Limb can better communicate with customers

• Twisted Limb's new line of greeting cards, including Remembrance Tree® Papers sympathy cards and Beer Paper Cards, created with spent barley from local brewer, Upland Brewing Company.

The website's new design resembles the company's beautiful, hand-torn paper, a stylish tribute to their talented and hardworking studio artists. It also displays Twisted Limb's updated logo, which makes use of a calligraphy pen and stylized leaf to form the p in paperworks. The idea, conceptualized by Woodhouse-Keese and implemented by IU Graphic Design student Arturo Contreras, reflects the evolving image of Twisted Limb's designs.

The advertising and marketing plan that led to the new site was born from collaboration with the award-winning IU Kelley School of Business MBA Consulting Academy. In this program, local businesses pair with MBA students. Twisted Limb worked with a team of consulting students to find out just what was needed to improve their marketing strategies and then how those needs might be fulfilled. With over 85% of the studio's business conducted online, Twisted Limb agreed with the consulting students' recommendation that their resources would be best put toward a new website that would be easy both for the company to update regularly on their own and for their customers to navigate.

Staying connected with customers is more important than ever, and Twisted Limb's new site has grasped this concept with a firm hand. The site features links to their popular and ever growing Facebook and twitter pages as well a Forum where customers can receive the latest news about new products, special offers, helpful how-to's, and ideas for celebration planning.

Visit the new website at www.twistedlimbpaper.com.


Sheryl Woodhouse-Keese, Founding Artist

Twisted Limb Paperworks

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Sheryl Woodhouse-Keese
Founding Artist/Owner
Twisted Limb Paperworks
Bloomington, IN
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